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【线性的天籁—王恺作品展 2019】

Linear Sounds of Nature —  Wang Kai Art Exhibition 2019

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Academic Director:Bai Yefu

Curation: Puzi

Sponsored by: Puzi Art Space

Artist: Wang Kai




Opening time: 15:00 May 25, 2019

Exhibition Duration: May 25- June 26, 2019

Exhibition Address: Puzi Art Space, Shunyi District, Beijing



Artist Intro



Wang Kai was bred up on the Gobi at the foot of Daqing Mountain, with a glimpse of the red rift on the Ordos Highland in the far. His art is inspired by the traces of booms and busts, life and growth in nature on the northern wasteland. He has been dedicated to art creation since his settlement at Huantie Art Zone in 2008. His works mainly include fabric art, installation art as well as representations in forms of installations, performance art. His performance art work titled “Self-bound” is compiled into 2015 Annals of Chinese Performance Art by Jinri Gallery. In 2015 he was chosen into the International Residency Program of Shangyuan Art Museum, during which he planned and executed “Late Summer Falling Star—2015 Shangyuan Art Museum Experimental Art Exhibition ”



Linear Sounds of Nature, Realm of Existence



        By: Wang Kai













Existence Program” started in 2014, whose works originate from the artists observation on nature and contemplation on life. Solitary walk after snowfall, snow-capped earth, the signs of life are detected in the spots where snow melts. Numberless lives, on this expansive territory, within this infinite time, go on with the constant cycle of birth and death. They are insignificant, exist in varied forms at varied times, leaving traces that prove they are existing or they has been existing, which, even if shriveling into ashes, are able to let you feel the tension force behind life which is insignificant while powerful.  


“Existence Program” is a self-query on the significance of the existence of life and an exploration toward interior conversion/representation of visual language. The work starts from the understanding on the structure and calligraphy of Chinese characters as well as the correlativity with the nature/ecology, free-style strokes/scratches flow amid it. At the time this process was fully visualized, I randomly executed numberless equi-directional replicate lines in the frame,  accordingly the positive space, once leaping in the frame, was obliterated gradually, while the invisible negative space, the hidden trails, leaped to the fore.


Instead of dispelling or deconstructing something, I consider myself as only executing lines to converse the visual representation, which in turn get closer to my immediate response toward the traces of boom /bust in nature. Those sometimes dense, sometimes scattered lines in the same direction, like winds in the nature sweeping across sky and the surface of earth, orchestrate sounds of nature, sounds of life, sounds of time with holiness and profundity.


A singular and abstract line, without interaction with any, seems to run through a one-dimensional and one-directional world. However, theres no isolated existence in this world. The line, as time proceeds, interacts with its opposite whenever the occasion comes. As Heidegger said, Time is the realm where Dasein’ exists. The linearity in my frame contains expression of temporality. Lines flow in the subconscious layout in the frame, between starting points and finishing points rightly exist numberless possibilities, for they interact with the opposites whenever the occasion comes, which is rightly the establishment of a world, and also the establishment of my frame. Being toward death” sets up a starting point as well as a finishing point for this line, if the horizon is magnified to infinity, the phrase the circle of life” will be more appropriate and grander. I draw lines not for the sake of lines, lines are my strokes, are winds, are sounds, are time, are life, are existence.


The creation in Existence Program contains paintings, installations, performance art, is a stereoscopic existence that consists of varied dimensions. As far as paintings are concerned, they have also undergone varied faces, like the sceneries in a journey, which is a journey about time, a journey about mind. The result is left to others to evaluate while the process is internalized into one’s experience. Like the weeds which are dancing in gales, spectators mostly see the ferocity of the gales while only the weeds themselves are acquainted with their hardship and growth. Do not attempt to imitate God. Insignificance, humbleness, provinciality, ignorance and conceit as a result of the former, are the words to describe what human has done compared to nature. Hold your weeds-like soul fast, where there are affections, ideas, and pulses in close touch with nature!


May 11, 2019



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